7 Tips to Keep Maintain Ideal Weight

After you successfully lose weight, do not stop to continue to keep and maintain body weight to remain stable and ideal. Not infrequently after successful weight loss, weight we missed and go back up. For that some of the tips below may help you in maintaining body weight so that your body forms remain slim and trim. For loans tips, you can see at http://www.bestcreditcardsguru.com/.
Researchers revealed that the first success in losing weight in a normal person would make the weight will be easy to climb back. It is necessary for the proper way to maintain weight that are not easily climb back.
Tips to maintain ideal body weight to remain stable

1. Check your weight regularly
We must be diligent in checking our weight so we can always find out how much weight gain. Perform routine checks just once a week. Weight increase 1 s / d 1.5 kg is still within reasonable limits, no need to panic.
2. Get enough rest
Rest enough to sleep less than 8 hours a day. Lack of sleep due to stress can make weight gain back. Do yoga when you are uncomfortable both physically and psychologically. Chatting with family and picnic is a great way to forget about the problems and relax your mind.
3. Maintain a healthy diet
When you successfully lose weight, it does not mean we are free to consume a variety of foods. We must pay attention to the content of foods and choosing foods that are not too high fat content. Avoid oily foods excessively. Limit foods that contain high salt and sugar. Avoid drinks packaging for bottled drinks usually contain high calories and sugar.
4. Consumption of fruit and vegetables
Consuming fruits and vegetables as a meal replacement snacks that taste salty or sweet is a good solution to help maintain ideal weight remains. It would be better if the fruit or vegetable portion juss created. With juss made, it will be faster intestine to absorb various nutrients for the purposes of various metabolic processes in the body.
5. Diligent exercise
Do exercise a minimum of 1 week. Exercise can help burn calories quickly so that the fat can be burned. Exercise is also a quick way to lose weight. Do jogging, sprints or skipping in which this method can make our body more quickly in burning calories and fat.
6. Set the size of the meal
Do not go overboard in consuming a variety of foods in your daily life. In order not easy to feel hungry, eat fiber foods because these foods will make us full longer. Do not go overboard in consuming rice, multiply vegetables that contain high fiber and protein.
7. Water consumption
In addition, we need to consume enough water. Eight glasses a day would be very good for the needs of a variety of metabolic processes in the body. Try to consume water before you eat. Do this every time you want to eat. This method can reduce excessive appetite especially at noon.
By doing 7 tips to keep the body weight, God willing weight will remain stable and not easy to climb back. Do it with discipline because it has an ideal weight and slim is the course you want. Additionally slim body will make a person look more attractive, looking fit and healthy. Make this as your motivation to maintain their ideal body weight. Good luck.