Blog writing and Contentmart

For many of us, blog writing is a way to express ourselves. It is also profession and many writers do it on full time basis to earn their living. With the revolution in information technology widening coverage of the Internet, blog writing today has become more prominent than before. Not only it gives you the chance to express your feelings but also add to your knowledge and competence. Amid the rising opportunities for the blog writers, Contentmart has emerged as credible player in the content business.

primaeyecreamNo matter what kind of content you require, here you can find variety of writers having expertise in different domains. Selection and placement of the order is also very simple as the interface for both writers and clients are very user friendly. Open to all writers and clients, this one of its kind online content market that offers variety of opportunities in the content field. Bloggers looking for start of their careers will find this web portal very attractive place to get not only rich experience about the customer client relationship but also to earn handsome amount of money. On this site, bloggers can choose from thousands of topics of their interest as the order list ranges across wide variety of disciplines.

The process of registration is fairly simple as you have to register yourself on the portal using your email ID. One can also complete the registration process via Facebook account. After the registration, it is mandatory for all the bloggers/writers to pass an English examination. Once through, writers can start bidding on the projects and have to complete the allotted orders within the given deadline. The timely completion will also enhance your credibility and further attract new clients to your domain of expertise.

primaeyecream2As a blogger, you can bid on any of the project that is being shown on the order page of the website. While bidding you can suggest the price and time duration as you make your offer. Once the client accept your bid and place an order, you have to submit the project within the given time limit. After the submission, your project will undergo plagiarism check to ensure that the content submitted to the client is original and not been copied. Subsequently content will be submitted to the client and once the client approve, payment will be transferred to your account. Additionally you can also get verification status from the Contentmart as it will enhance your credibility and help you to attract more orders from the client. For this, one has to write essay on the topics provided by the Contentmart team and submit it for the evaluation. Once verified, writer will get the verification credential from the team, which is useful in enriching the profile and to attract more orders from the client.