Easy Tips To Clean Your House

For some people, the clean-up work can be a fun job. However, many people do not like it because of trouble, fatigue and time consuming. Hire a housekeeper is not cheap even can bring some “credit risk” sometimes because of this. Do not worry, for those who are lazy, stay clean house you can get. This trick!


  • Open windows to facilitate air circulation and reduce the amount of dust.
  • Clean the surface of the table, such as coffee table, dining table or kitchen. Use a clean cloth moistened with water or a cleaning solution.
  • Pat the surface of the mattress, pillow or couch. Use to clean the grime and also makes the surface of the sofa, pillow or mattress back into shape.
  • Sweep the room. Do it at least once a day.


  • Clean the bathroom. The bathrooms were clean and fragrant atmosphere can become more comfortable bath. For that, clean the tub, bathtub, shower floor, sink, and toilet seats.
  • Change towels, sheets, pillowcases and bolsters. Wash using hot water temperature of 60 ° C, so that all the dirt on towels, sheets, pillowcases and bolsters disappear without a trace.
  • Empty trash can in the bathroom.
  • Wipe the door and handle. Use warm soapy water or a special cleaning solution.
  • Wipe dust from the surface of the cabinet who rarely touched or located in a high place.
  • Clean the carpet using a vacuum cleaner. Do also to the sidelines of the couch. To be effective, use a vacuum cleaner with a small tip.
  • If your floor is made of parquet, wipe with special cleaning agents, in order to keep it shiny.


  • Behind the mattress in order to shape back to normal.
  • Change pillowcases sofa and clean between sofa surface dust.
  • Clean the glass windows and cermin.Terutama glass window in a public space and a mirror inside the bathroom, which is often exposed to splashes of toothpaste and soap.
  • Clean dust from areas that miss when swept everyday. For example, at the lower end of the wardrobe, or at the top of the ceiling.
  • Clean the timber and the interior which has a glossy surface and is made of silver or stainless steel with a cleaner recommended.
  • Clean the front door of the house. If necessary, replace with a new mat to give a different impression on the guests.
  • Do not wait until the house is a mess. Cicil clean every day starting from the easiest and visible.

Create new regulations

  1. At the time housekeeper to return home, the clean-up process is bound to be very heavy. Moreover, if everything should be taken care of himself.
  2. To reduce the load, you can make a rule at home by asking each family member to wash your own dishes, spoons, and cups that they use after a meal.
  3. If children are reluctant to do so, give them an example and accompany them when washing dishes. This is the best way to provide education in addition to develop good habits in children.

Clean the bathroom when the children sleep

  1. Cleaning the bathroom should be done at night, especially after the kids to bed and before you go to bed.
  2. Doing it at night gives you a lot of advantages, starting, has a lot of free time, no one was using the bathroom, and clean the bathroom at night will make you be more relaxed on weekends.

Implement a system to clean from top to botto

  1. If you’ve never been spotless clean, usually you do a lot of mistakes. Clean-up should be done from top to bottom in the literal sense.
  2. Start by cleaning the ceiling, then the walls, clean the furniture from dust, and then after that you can sweep the floor.
  3. Because if you do the opposite, sweeping the floor first, chances are you will come back to repeat it because it will no soot or dust that fell from above.